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HC shoe net Jan. 8 hearing in order to Ning as the representative local sporting goods enterprises catch up, so the old boss Adidas sporting goods market, sit still.

2010 New Year's Day after the first commercial trip, Adidas Group Chairman Herbert? Heiner (HerbertHainer) choose to China, accompanied by the newly appointed managing director of Greater China, Dubai Rui (ChristopheBezu). Hainer said Adidas sporting goods market in China will "take the lead in Big Brother," one of his trump card is held in South Africa this year World Cup Cup.

Local sporting goods company who is still catching up

2009 years ago, 6 months, Adidas cumulative Sell Income of 5.034 billion euros, the Chinese market accounted for global sales Adidas 7% to 8%, or 352 million ~ 403 million euros, or about Renminbi 3450000000 ~ 3.95 billion yuan. The same period, revenue reached 4.05 billion yuan Li Ning, the numbers point of view, Li Ning, the first half of last year, sales have more than Adidas in China's income. According to November 4, 2009 reported earnings, the adidas Group sales in the third quarter of last year, 2.888 billion euros, net of currency, down 7%, following last year's first and second quarters of negative growth, a record decline in most .

Therefore, it is optimistic about the industry that is forecast for 2009 is expected to surpass Li Ning, China's sports market, Adidas boss.

This, Hainer said: "We recognize that local sporting goods manufacturers in China do have a very strong power, but I must point out that Adidas, and Nike With local sporting goods companies have a certain gap between the Chinese domestic company or catch-up role, this pattern will not change soon, Adidas still is the number one market or one of the leading manufacturers. "

Said, Heiner and Dubai Rui and a lot of difficult problems faced. Beijing as overly optimistic estimates Olympic Games After the sporting goods market, Adidas high inventory, stock merchandise end of 2008, the value of 1.995 billion euros, an increase of 22.5%, resulting in 2009, Adidas was busy most of the time discount dealers clear inventory, substantial further discount A sharp drop in profits for dealers, Adidas major distributors in the country and Daphne Belle hundreds of retail stores closed; some of Adidas's executives also have left Taiwan's sub-brands Adidas Reebok General Manager of China Zheng Jie will jump ship to the ANTA Sports [11.580.00%] (02020.HK).

Re- Marketing Channel

Re-purge is pressing the Chinese market, contains, so the New Year off on a trip to China, he said: "Adidas China is extremely important market in the global marketplace Adidas second, at the same time, is also a market with unlimited potential. So this time let Dubai Rui as the head of Greater China, he is our Asia-Pacific region, a very experienced manager, like his leadership, China's market can truly next level. "

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Sports Shoes Adidas World Cup Hope Never To Fight Back

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This article was published on 2010/10/12