Adidas And The China Sports

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Adidas, a representative of the global sports leader's name. Founder Adi? Dassler's dream become a reality after many years, his business philosophy to keep the guidelines and also the successor to continue adhering to the present.

It all started in 1920, since the Adi? Dassler produced the first pair of shoes, he would have dreamed of a simple and brilliant: the best equipment for the athletes. Today, the adidas product line has been involved in basketball, football, fitness, training, cross-country, etc., in various fields.

Adidas Group

January 31, 2006, Adidas officially completed the acquisition of Reebok, Adidas set up a new group. Today, the adidas Group is the world's second largest sporting goods company, by adidas, Reebok and TaylorMade-adidas Golf portfolio of three brands to provide consumers with the full range of sports equipment, including soccer, basketball, fitness, training, Golf, cross-country series of sports apparel and footwear products.

Adidas Group is headquartered in Germany, Herzogenaurach (Herzogenaurach), employs over 25,000 people worldwide in 2006, total sales of about 10 billion euros.

Adidas China

Adidas in 1997, investment in the Suzhou Industrial Park in China, established a sole proprietorship Adidas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., production and sales of Adidas brand sports products. Adidas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd's business is based in Shanghai and in Beijing and Guangzhou branches.

Adidas in China at an alarming pace, the end of 2006, Adidas has brand stores across 400 cities in China, totaling more than 2500.

Adidas and the China Sports

Adidas has long supported the development of sports undertakings in China. Since 1981, Adidas began sponsoring football in China. Renew the agreement with the Chinese Football Association extends to 2010, Adidas will support all seven Guo Zihao football team. Adidas also involved in the Chinese Football League, and sponsored a number of professional league teams. Currently the two top clubs - Dalian and Beijing Guoan Football Club partners.

February 2005, Adidas became China's national volleyball team partners. Under the agreement, Adidas became Zhongguopaixie's six national teams of the only sports apparel sponsor for the Chinese national men's volleyball team, Chinese women's volleyball team, volleyball team of young Chinese men, Chinese women's youth volleyball team, volleyball team and the Chinese National Men's Junior Women's Junior National Volleyball Team to provide sports equipment. At present, Adidas is also a partner in the Chinese Judo Association.

Adidas is also actively involved in the development of Chinese basketball. September 1, 1985, with the Chinese Basketball Association, the first agreement was signed. Adidas sponsorship over the past few years, support the professional basketball team, including the Shanghai Oriental Sharks Oh, they won the 2002 season's first CBA championship.

With the China Sports Services (CSS) and the Chinese sports advertising (CSAC) 1990-1996, signed a global support agreement, including China, Adidas sponsored basketball, handball, football, boxing, weightlifting, rowing, canoeing, canoeing and wrestling and other projects. All of these items of equipment athletes wearing Adidas in the 1992 Barcelona and 1996 Atlanta Olympic arena.

According to the agreement signed with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, Adidas will provide the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and the technical officials for all staff to provide equipment. Adidas sports clothing also become partners in the Chinese Olympic Committee, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the Chinese sports delegation will be dressed in Adidas equipment. (Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games to participate in the Chinese sports delegation has made a success dressed in Adidas equipment.)

February 2007, Adidas officially signed with the International Special Olympics, 2007 will be held in Shanghai Special Olympics World Summer Partners
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Adidas And The China Sports

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